Aug 30

Josh Sparx: Im New…

Hey guys… I am new to this and I often wonder if it shows. Actually, I know it shows. I am not sure why I even stumbled upon the idea of getting naked or having sex on webcam but I have to say – It’s fun and I enjoy the people I am meeting along the way. It’s nice to meet real people and by real I mean down to earth… experienced life… kind of real. You don’t find that too much these days and I think that could be what is wrong with today’s society. Anyway, I am not going to get on that soap box. I am not sure to talk about my personal life on here, or in detail as I would or just keep it simple and vague. Ha. I dont have an exciting life but somehow it always is entertaining….

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Aug 29

Stephany Saldana: Im New Here!

Hi guys I’m Stephany. and I am new here and would love to meet some very nice people here.. have a lil fun in my pvt chat rooms. Ill tell you about my daily activities. Ill listen to you, good conversation goes a long way. I would love to get to know you all. have a nice night loves! muah!!! ;)btw my cam sucks so can’t be on for long time till I get a new cam recorder… see you loves!!!

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Aug 28

Marcus Rose: Pride

I am the kind of guy that tends to go to about 3 pride events a year. This year due to work and other events I’ve managed to miss every pride thus far! BUT to my great joy this weekend pride is in town and I will NOT be missing out on it!I think part of the reason I am so into pride is because I was outed and ostracized back in 2008 (which was 8th grade/ my early years) I went through a few months of pure hell. I faced ridicule and judgement from my peers, and family! When I wasn’t being harassed or treated like leper, I was isolated and left with few comforts such as writing, reading, and drawing. Over time others began coming out after watching me silent treatment my way through my hell months, from there life started getting better.10 years later sometimes I still hold onto those insecurities and fears (I’m actually still a bit shy), but mainly I work to fight it. And I support others who are going through or have been through similar struggles. At the end of the day we are all human we ALL, have flaws, there is no such thing as PERFECT. Life will throw you good times AND bad that’s just the way things work. Ultimately what matters is how you deal with things, how true you are to yourself, and supporting those in need. I enjoy pride because I get to be around others like myself- granted there are those in the community that can be as judgmental as those from my “hell period”, but again, we’re only HUMAN. To me pride is about being yourself, and knowing who you fuck does not define who you are, or what you are capable of. Fuck the labels, and enjoy the freedom of being yourself. When it comes to Pride, and life in general my advice, don’t let ANYONE steal your smile or make you feel like you are less than. Fuck. That. Noise. Be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come. If you aren’t, keep working until you are (I know I’m still working! lol) You Only Live Once people. #YOLO

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Aug 15

Mathew Jhonsons & Rick Jhonsosns: Buying Things for the Home

Today a wonderful day to go shopping and today we decided to get up early to buy our first artifact which is a kitchen to celebrate our birthday as a couple since we had not confessed them every 14 of each month we turned months and yesterday we did not have the Opportunity to leave…..Today will be a great day

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Aug 14

Kyle Lawrenc: Lingerie

I love wearing womenâs lingerie, it turns me on so much and itâs very fun and exciting to wear it while performing. I find that womenâs lingerie looks so much sexier then any lingerie made for men that I have tried. Come check me out or send me ideas for lingerie we can play together!!!!!!! Have sexy horny day!!!!!!!!!

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