Apr 05

Jordan Denis: The Importance of Smile!

I want to tell you a little bit about my training time and about how I always try to keep positive and smiling!! I spent almost 3 years training hard and not just for been in shape, I do it for been healthy because is really important and because helps a lot to keep your vibes positive and recharge big emotions. I had a time that I couldn’t train due an injury, took me several months to recover, but I never gave up, I never let that mess with my good vibes or erase the smile of my face, I was even stronger and every day I try harder just to keep sharing my joy, the most important thing in life for me is always share happiness to all the people around you, because you never know wich of this individuals is feeling blue, having a rough day and just your smile can make that change for good and make happy his or her day!!So I invite you, always keeping a smile on your face, no matter what, even if you are having difficult days, the best gester to fight those difficult days is smile!! Have a nice day…

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Apr 04

Jhedson D: Know a Little More About Me

Hello, I’m Jedson, a warm and attractive Caribbean boy with a lot of desire to know new experiences, new challenges in my life and new people. I consider myself an open-minded guy ready to make your most erotic dreams come true, I hope you can meet every part of me and that you take the largest, most charming and exciting experience of me I am very open to everything and I hope to meet someone who can fill me as a person

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Apr 03

Timett: A Sad Day for Me

Unfortunately I can say that not every day is good, today has been a day of disappointment, because at the moment I realized that my desire to get a toy for my fans …I can not count on enough money to get it, but there is no problem, we are going strong and want to improve every day, and so we can buy it later.

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Apr 02

Timett: A Day Full of Light and Life

Today I have started a new process throughout my life, which brought changes for good and others for bad.But from all this I have always learned so many situations that have made me a great man.I love knowing that the people who follow my life are people who always have to be beautiful in their hearts and in their lives, and everything that surrounds them are always acts of love and peace …Thanks for following me and never forget that I am here for you!

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